CHICO FLORES: Fans speak out about the 'play-acting'


Chico Flores is definitely improving. That’s our verdict with some outstanding performances already this season, which was needed during the recent absence of Captain Ashley Williams.

However, there is a part of Chico’s game that is not so attractive. On several occasions we have seen him fall to the ground, rolling around in pain when it is quite clear to the Swansea faithful he was hardly fouled. This was the case when the Swans played West Ham United at the Liberty Stadium and Sam Allardyce laughed at the defender’s antics.

Again last week, when a Stoke player raised his arm, Chico fell flat to the floor clutching his face. It was clear for everyone to see his opponent hadn’t touched him. Chico received a yellow card for his acting ability.

We wanted to know what everyone else thought Chico. Here we go….

SWANSFC: With Chico 'hit' to the ground seemingly so easy on Sunday against Stoke, do you think this is part of his game that he should eradicate or is it a characteristic that makes him such a good player?

Simon Lee Davies He needs to man up!! makes him such a good player?

Lee Oats get rid it makes us look a joke he his a great player but no need to dive.

Martyn Grinter He should stop, he just ends up looking like a tool. You don't see Ashley Williams doing it. Actually, you don't see any of the others doing it

Michaela Renkes He is a good player and there isn't a need to play act. It’s a shame he started doing it but a lot of the top players appear to think it makes them better somehow.

Steve Winkley I'm very surprised no one in the dressing room has not already pulled him to one side. There's no need for it and embarrasses himself and the club

Lewis Morris He's a clown. Amat should start ahead of him.

Andrew George My mate & me were talking about this at the Stoke game. It's so annoying that he keeps doing this. I wish he'd let his football do the talking and cut this out of his game. It's not the Swansea way and he should stop

Tom Minshall Moyes doesn't tolerate it from Young, so Laudrup shouldn't tolerate it from Chico, he's meant to be a centre half for Christ's sake, man up!

Wayne Harry I really like Chico, he’s a great player with real passion for the club, and he's a good character to have in the dressing room, but over reaction's like that on the pitch I don't want to see, we don't appreciate it when other teams do it to us, so I hope he cuts this out of his game and sticks to doing a top job for the Swans as he always has done.

Alan Godrich Embarrassing for him and the club

We would love to know what you guys think. Do you feel his play-acting is detracting from a good season?