Meet the Team

We have a great team of talented and passionate Swans fans writing for SwansFC. Some have been writing for the site for years, and others, not so long. If you’re interested in joining the team, please get in touch.

Gareth Hinton

Gareth is our breaking news correspondent. He's a full time writer and social media manager who loves everything about welsh football (even though he's in Essex!).109 Articles

Fraser Watson

Fraser works as a sports reporter for the Western Telegraph website and a newspaper based in Pembrokeshire - and has long followed Swansea City as both a journalist and a fan. After being born and raised in Kuwait City, his first experience of a Swans game came back in September 1995, where the home side went down 0-1 against York City at the Vetch, thanks to a first half goal from Paul Barnes.40 Articles

Nick Davies

Nick is an aspiring sports journalist who has a passion for football. He hopes to have a long career following (and covering) the Swans.9 Articles

Daniel James

Daniel is currently living in South Korea, where he has taught English for over 7 years. The Premier League is massive over there, and Ki Seung-Yeung has a massive following. He's been a Swans fan for as long as he can remember. He was born in Neath and clearly remembers the old days of division 4 and the Vetch.3 Articles

Lucy Carpenter