Swans Correct to Quash the Williams Rumours


Fraser Watson says the club are well within their rights to slap an unrealistic price tag on the head of Ashley Williams.


Football these days, is a crazy world.

The money is extortionate, transfer fees defy belief, media coverage is beyond intense – and the emergence of social media sites Facebook and Twitter in recent years have done much to enhance the frenzy.

Clubs are now able to hold others to ransom – and demand excessive money for players who, only a few years ago, would have fetched less than half their current price tag.

And in light of the news that Swansea City have reportedly put a £25 million price tag on the head of captain Ashley Williams, it seems Garry Monk is happy to roll with how the transfer market is escalating.

And so he should.

Given the talismanic form of the 30-year-old since Swansea reached the Premiership four seasons ago, it has been astounding how he has not attracted greater interest from the big boys.

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Liverpool and Arsenal fans have both scoffed in recent years when their clubs were tenuously linked to the Wales captain,deeming him not big enough a name for their supposed title ambitions. The great irony is now, is that both have paid the price these past few seasons for fielding an unreliable back four.

Crystal Palace and Everton are both rumoured to have made approaches this summer for Williams. Both would represent a strange ‘sideways’ move for man whose contribution in South Wales these past seven years has already cemented his place in club folklore.

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