Who would be in your fantasy Swansea team?


It’s that time of the year again when you can’t help but have one eye on next season and ponder what the summer transfer window will bring. Everyone has their own ideas on who should be brought in and who should be let go but what if, just for fun, you were the boss and you could sign three legends from the Swans past to fit into the current team!

Think of what areas you’d like to see the team improved upon and how they’d do so! Here’s a starter…what do you think?

Left BackJimmy Hadziabdic. Quite simply a no brainer! Jimmy arrived at the Swans and added a new dimension to the Swans attack…from left back! Jimmy was ahead of his time in his approach to the game in an era when attacking full backs were far from the norm! Jimmy coupled his attacking duties with tough resolute defensive performances. In today’s team he would be bombing down the left wing providing quality ball to the strikers as well joining in with the midfield playing neat one-twos starting attacks from out wide. Today’s value – £30m plus.

Right Wing – Alan Curtis. Now the Swans have a few options down the right wing but, with all due respect, none of them compare to Curt! In an era when wingers were generally small and tricky Curt was a beast of man! In full flow he’d bomb down the wing causing havoc with his direct approach. Like Jimmy it’s safe to say Curt was ahead of his time, when you look at most top European sides nowadays strong, tall, direct wingers are in vogue. I’m sure Gareth Bale has watched the odd VHS of Curt! In today’s team Curt would be used out wide or in a central role running at and terrorising defenders with his pace and power. Today’s value – £30m plus.

Left Wing – Cliff Jones. Without doubt the most talented player ever to wear a Swans shirt. In the late 50’s and early 60’s Cliffy was up there with the very best wingers in the world. In the 1958 World Cup Cliffy was talked about in the same breath as Brazilian legend Garrincha! Cliffys game was all about dragging his marker out wide, isolating him, then beating him with a trick…think of a cross between Chris Waddle and Eden Hazard and you’re not too far off the mark. In today’s team Cliffy would be the main man, he’d be the stand out player who’d be the focus of every attack, a real match winner! Today’s value – £80m plus.

So there we go, do you agree and if not who would you pick and why? Of course it’s all well and good going back in time and selecting three legends to play for the Swans but you know what would happen? After one season…if that, Cliffy would be signed by Real Madrid and Jimmy and Curt would be off to Man City!!!

By Scott Tovey