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Welcome to THE (Unofficial) Swansea City Website

SwansFC is an independent Swansea city website dedicated to giving Swans fans the latest swansea news, opinion and insights. We've tried to make it a central hub of information for Swansea fans everywhere - not just in Wales. Get stuck in, and let us know if you've got any ideas on how we can make it better!

The Latest Swansea News

We try to cover every story that our fellow Swansea supporters might be interested in. That includes transfer news and rumours, injury news and news from the Swansea management team. To be honest, it does tend to centre on the first team (for obvious reasons). However, we do also try to cover the women's team news and youth squads when we can. if there's a lot going on, it is possible that we might miss a story. If you spot something that you think we should be covering, please feel free to let us know. Or, even better, why not write the story for us? You could get your work published on the #1 independent Swansea city website!

Opinion, Insights and Commentary

Following the Swans certainly has its ups and downs. However, like you, we've stuck with it and wouldn't have it any other way. We have a great team of talented football writers, each with their own unique opinions and style. Sure, every Swansea City fan has their opinion, but these guys do it properly. If you'd think you'd like to write an opinion piece about the Swans, and would like the chance to have your work showcased on the original Swansea City blog, please get in touch.

About Us

SwansFC is (probably) the most popular unofficial Swansea City website on the internet. Since January 2011 we've been publishing Swansea City news, opinion and insights on this website and our social media channels. Over the years, the SwansFC community has grown at an amazing rate. We now have over 19,000 followers on Twitter alone and it's still growing at an incredible rate each day.

This has been the key to the site's success. Without the loyal and supportive community of Swansea City fans that visit the website every day to catch up on the latest Swansea news, we wouldn't be able to keep it going. However, that's not all. SwansFC relies on a whole team of talented writers to keep our visitors right up to date with the latest transfer rumours, results and match analysis. Without them, there would be nothing for you to read and SwansFC would just be another Swansea City blog left on the scrapheap.

We're always looking for passionate and talented football writers. So, if you'd like to see your work published on the #1 Unofficial Swansea City website, please get in touch with our editorial team.